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5 Ways Churches are Using Technology during Church Services

The advent of presentation technology has created a very significant enhancement of the worship experience for many churches. Many churches have joyfully embraced the use of various technology resources in their ministry and I am not simply referring to those who term themselves “seeker-centered.” Both progressive and more conservative churches with quite different worship styles […]


How are churches using the internet?

Building congregation base The internet has allowed people who aren’t an avid worshiper or church goer or who just don’t know what church is right for them to easily find a church home through the internet.  Internet-only churches are a growing number, as congregations try to at least put their sermons and messages out into […]


Prayer . . . Just a Click Away?

No believer doubts the power of prayer.  It is a way to connect with the divine and make your requests and concerns known to God.  But, there is a long tradition in Christianity that we should also make our prayer requests known to the faith community so that they can also unite with us in […]